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Improv is an art form built on collaboration and the concept of the team. AIC teaches its students how to listen intently, communicate effectively and contribute purposefully to building something bigger than themselves. We are eager to share these invaluable tools with your business or organization!

We can show your team how to work together! The fundamentals of improv are based on developing the group mind. An idea or a solution to a problem from one person is good, but cultivating an environment where different ideas and solutions from the entire team can circulate freely is even better!

We can teach your team how to communicate ideas in a clear and
precise manner. Efficiency of words and concepts express exactly what you want to say while listening and effectively responding saves time and money. Improv is all about communication and a team that communicates can overcome any hurdle!

Don’t let declining morale infect your team! Through connection exercises within a positive environment, improv can help strengthen your team spirit!

We’ll show your team how to get out of their shells and approach a situation with the confidence they need. Anxiety and fear can hinder your employees from reaching their full potential. We can help neutralize hesitation and encourage collaboration!

Don’t just think outside the box, kick that box to the curb! Learn to approach a problem from totally new angles and perspectives. Your team will learn to generate fresh ideas that will set your organization apart from all the others!

Let us help your business use improv to succeed!
Contact us today and we’ll design a program, tailor-made to your organizations unique needs!

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