The Student Lotto Show
Hosted by AIC
Wednesday, January 29 · 7:00pm

The Asheville Improv Collective

is Western North Carolina's only school focused on long-form improvisational comedy. Our goal is to build and nurture an improv community by teaching long-form improv in a safe and positive environment. We truly believe that improv can help our students in every aspect of life.

If you want to be a better performer; a more comfortable public speaker, or just want to join a vibrant community and make new friends, all while engaging in something truly exciting then AIC is for you!

We Got Classes!

Give improv a try! We'll teach you how to trust yourself on stage, how to play well with your scene partners and how to think on your feet. We'll even show you how to look at someone as if you just realized you're somehow related. But most of all, we'll teach you how to have FUN! Find out all the info you need here!



Ready to laugh?! We put on shows all over Asheville, North Carolina several times a month featuring the best of local, regional and yeah, even national improv talent. Check out our schedule, bring some friends and treat yourself to a night of comedy! 

Youth Improv

Kids of all ages can get in on the act, too! We got classes, workshops and camps taught by experienced instructors for the young people in your life who you know need to be on a stage. Check out our current offerings.



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