Three Ways Improv Comedy Helps You Every Day

Improvisation is an art form that lets you express yourself without barriers, conditions and scripts. It’s used in music, art, writing and dance. We as actors and comedians use it to get out of our heads and be in the moment. And no matter how long we do it, we’ll never truly master the art form. It can’t be totally mastered. There are always new paths to discover for beginners as well as 20-year veterans.

If you’ve ever been interested in an improv class, here are three ways it can benefit you.

1. Public Speaking

This is something we’ve all had to deal with, whether on a daily basis, or just that one time in seventh-grade science class. Through performing scenes with others and group activities, once you get up there and make a bold statement without reservations, reading from a prepared prompt will seem a lot easier.

2. Establishing Stronger Confidence

We all have it in some form. It gets damaged sometimes, but it’s there. Something just needs to bring it to light. When we start a scene in improv, we never know where it’s going to go. You have to make choices and “sell them” (as we call it) to the audience. The best news? Every choice is the right choice. This doesn’t mean you if you decide to stick a fork in a toaster that there are no consequences, it just means that when you’re on stage in an improv scene, your choice will always be a valid one.

3. Social Anxiety

We’ve all been there. Some more than others. Feeling like a wallflower is tough. Improv helps you step out of your comfort zone with new people who are breaking down the same barriers. There’s no shame in having fun by looking and being silly with other people.

If any of these skills sound like something you want to bolster or improve in your daily life, consider taking a class with AIC! Find out more here.

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